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Website bombardment and crack of 2009

A now time for a seriously long-winded story my little kitties. It has it’s beginnings, middles, and endings. It’s about how I realized my decrepit WordPress install was not so secure. This may or may not have anything to do with my website getting cracked into and it may or may not have been a […]

Crappy (All) Consuming crack

Dang it! The All Consuming site has been hacked by someone. I was going to login to my account to get the full list of books that I’ve read and update it now I can’t. I haven’t place the javaScript for my books code on my weblog in awhile, but still I wanted to update […]

Attack of the Amazon trolls

Strange. I wonder if my Amazon.com wishlist has been hacked? For some reason it was showing my birthday as October 8th! That’s stupid. Really stupid. Last time I looked it was correct. Good thing I checked back. I changed it back to December 23rd.