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Americans like their horror Asian style

Looks like here in the States there is an increasing trend to remake a lot of previously released Asian horror films lately. In February 2008, the Americanized version of the Chinese horror film The Eye (見鬼) will be in theaters despite the fact that the original Chinese version was released publicly in North America sometime […]

US film industry remakes another J-Horror flick for 2008

Just like the Japan flicks and sequels to Ringu (リング) and Ju-on (呪怨) have spawned the US versions and offspring of The Ring and The Grudge, early January 2008 there will be a remake of Chakushin Ari (着信アリ) or One Missed Call available in US movie theaters. Depending on how well it does, you can […]

Why bother with some remakes

Tonight’s episode of “Crossing Jordan“ had the most horrible version of Donovan’s “Season of the Witch” I’ve ever heard. It is on the soundtrack for the series and they kept advertising it during the show. This version is by someone named Richard Thompson. I couldn’t even bear to watch the show the version was so […]