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Andy Warhol Bridge

A little snip of local news for today: On Friday the Seventh Street bridge was renamed in honor of local native Andy Warhol. This also makes it the first bridge in the U.S. that is named for an artist. The renaming also helped commemorate 10th anniversary of the Andy Warhol Museum Reference: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Whatever you do, don’t pet the funny looking little black and white kitty with the funny looking tail

While I was walking to work last night I saw a little animal scurrying along the sidewalk catty-cornered from me. A bit of a strange sight considering that this is Downtown Pittsburgh and you don’t get to see this type of creature around here in the middle of the city. I could tell it was […]

Duuuude! Ya’ want some smoked chicken or some smoked turkey?

My mother made a quick glance at Friday’s newspaper and got a quick scan over the front page headlines. One was about Tommy Chong’s arrest charge Downtown. Another closer glance and she realized he was arrested for “pot pipes” not “pot pies”! Partial humour rant that ensued: My mother: “Whoa, Tommy—probably selling pot pies from […]

They’re back!

I noticed this little fellow last Sunday. This creature appeared in my neighbourhood near the busway. It’s still lurking around. Currently it has been M.I.A. for a while now. It may have been move to a new spot? It’s an escapee of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. It said it’s name is “Transitsaurus”. It’s […]

It's a gloomy day in this neighborhood…

One of this city’s finest is gone today. Mr. Rodgers past away earlier this morning at his home in the Oakland section here in Pittsburgh after a bout of stomach cancer. [ Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Home Page ] Fred M. Rodgers 1928–2003