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Music just lost a great guitarist

R.I.P “Dimebag” Darrell. 🙁 I’m not too familiar with the Damageplan material but I had a few Pantera albums.

Another member of the Ramones gone

I’m still reeling a bit over the death of Johnny Ramone (September 15, 2004). Sad. Joey’s death (April 15, 2001) seemed unexpected at least to me since he denied publicly being sick and only the people who knew him knew how sick he was. Dee Dee’s OD death (June 7, 2002) on the other hand, […]

Muse on the jukebox

I don’t think I’ll bother too much with the MTAmazon plugin since I can’t get it to work for me right now. I tried several other plugins to see if I could get a “Currently Playing” when I post type thing on my weblog other than the general listening muse that I have on my […]

Hide’s birthday

Remember… hide-city: hide official fan club site (in Japanese) X Japan: official site (in Japanese)

Why bother with some remakes

Tonight’s episode of “Crossing Jordan“ had the most horrible version of Donovan’s “Season of the Witch” I’ve ever heard. It is on the soundtrack for the series and they kept advertising it during the show. This version is by someone named Richard Thompson. I couldn’t even bear to watch the show the version was so […]

Boomkat, that’s it…

It’s about Gad-dang time I figured this one out! A few weeks ago I hear this new song on the radio that I really liked. It was hard to tell what the DJs were saying when they stated the name of the band. “Broadcast” is what it sounded like they were saying. Those DJs really […]

DMX music playground sucks!

DMX music playground sucks! (Until further notice.) First it wouldn’t load up for a few days to a week then they get rid of the Dance programming channel from their online player. It was replaced by Hottest Hits on my online player. Good thing there are other online music services for me to listen to […]