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Browsers need better Ruby markup support

I’ll anxiously be awaiting for better ruby annotation support in web browsers (no I’m not talking about Ruby On Rails). The “Ruby” I’m talking about is found mainly in print. The W3C’s recommendation article is currently dated from May 31, 2001. Sometimes it does take a while to for things to go from a recommendation […]

Great King Azumanga found in translation

They’re replaying Azumanga Daioh episodes in the Anime Network section of Comcast’s On Demand but this time around they’re adding English translation text to some of the titles to scene sections. This blows major chunks for me. I liked it better the first time around without the translation text. I guess it’s good for those […]

Guess what my name is in Japanese?

A website called Rabbit In The Moon reminded me of this about the Mayan calendar: “…some believe that the completion of the 12th bak’tun will result in the destruction of our own time and the beginning of a new creation; in theory this could occur on or around December 23, 2012…” That’s the day I […]