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A server change for the better

I was checking around my hard drive to find files to delete to free up some space and found saved pages of my Movable Type installation check from my old server and one from my new one. Somehow I was able to get SOAP installed on Earthlink, which was my old hosting service, but it […]

Are You Being Served?

Well I am. I just finished installing Movable Type at my new hosting server DreamHost. Good-bye Earthlink… and good-bye to being held back because of ancient modules. I should be capable of TrackBack now and a whole lot other things like being able to ping places like Weblogs.com, blo.gs and Blogrolling with out bringing up […]

Earthlink’s ancient Perl version craps on Movable Type users

Time for some real makeovers for my weblog to make it easier to update different sections. I will also have to fix up my .htaccess file so that if I change the page endings something different from (currently) .shtml the page will automatically redirect to the new page with out getting and error 404. Since […]