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An example of really bad marketing: spam is rude

Some idiot bombarded my weblog with 44 copies of the same comment to one of my post yesterday. This is the main part of the comment that was left: This is an automatic test probe for demonstrates that it’s possible to break trencaspammers captcha plugin for WP and this plugin does not serve for anything, […]

Canned spam

I’m trying a different way to deter spambots from trying to post junk about their usual casino websites and “texas-hold ’em” links. My weblog was getting hammered lately so I had to tighten my comment moderation. It was always one of my posts getting hit. I closed the ability to post comments to that one […]

Spam, egg, sausage, and spam

Looks like I’ll have to come up with some other form of blacklisting to get rid of spam in the form of comments. Lately it seems that one of my posts in particular keeps getting spammed. This has caused me to start some comment moderation. Well at least it doesn’t get much spam in it. […]

Blog Spam Bad

O.K. I’m going to delete the 2 comments left to my weblog that are apparent spam. “Nice article.” and “More comment please? ;)” for persons who are leaving their URL web address as discounted life insurance companies and mailing companies can’’t be good. One word. SPAM! Both of these were left to the same entry […]