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Preparing for the next generation: ISBN-13

Looks like I’ll have to make a better script for my currently reading section to take account of the upcoming changes in the ISBN standards[?] and the differences in the locations of books on the different Amazon country sites. For instance, The Da Vinci Code audiobook on CD has the ISBN-10 of 0739313126 and ISBN-13 […]

Amazon books and deadly doggie tails

When did this start? I really must not be paying attention like I should to the Amazon.com and international affiliate sites like I should. Amazon.com now has a Chinese site through www.joyo.com. Amazon China/Joyo currently only has 19 product categories while Amazon.com has 35 to search from. Also, there doesn’t seem to be an Associates […]

Crappy (All) Consuming crack

Dang it! The All Consuming site has been hacked by someone. I was going to login to my account to get the full list of books that I’ve read and update it now I can’t. I haven’t place the javaScript for my books code on my weblog in awhile, but still I wanted to update […]

The Inspiration in Orwell

I’ve always liked George Orwell’s works ever since my 8th grade class had to read his books Animal Farm and 1984. Over the years I’ve re-read the two plus some selections of his Shooting an Elephant & other essays and Dickens, Dali & Others: studies in popular culture. In the early wee hours I just […]