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How Disney likes to screw over anime lovers with the old bait and switch

Disney’s G-Force movie is slated for US release soon and for some time there have been some people posting their excitement-quickly-turned-to-disappointment responses to the trailers. Example: The “G-Force” movie trailer. With the majority saying exactly what I said when I saw the trailers for the first time on TV not too long ago … “WTF!?” […]

30 seconds of bunny lovin’ with the Bunnies Theatre Troupe

Do you have Comcast’s On Demand? Even if not you can still view these movies. Currently showing on the Starz On Demand’s Halloween category: Freddy vs Jason, Scream, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre… performed by the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe! Angry Alien Productions is the creator. The site also has a few other movies as well. […]


Show Me. Show You. Kikkoman! Make sure you got the audio turned up for this one: http://yoga.tripod.co.jp/flash/kikkomaso_e.swf