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Hey, that’s a funny looking dog you got there

Yesterday there was something mentioned on the local morning news that was somewhat funny. I wanted to post this yesterday morning when I head about it but I didn’t have much info to go on since it was a short passing blurb of a story. I knew it was local, but not sure where, when […]

Whatever you do, don’t pet the funny looking little black and white kitty with the funny looking tail

While I was walking to work last night I saw a little animal scurrying along the sidewalk catty-cornered from me. A bit of a strange sight considering that this is Downtown Pittsburgh and you don’t get to see this type of creature around here in the middle of the city. I could tell it was […]

Mew Years Day

If you didn’t know it before, you know now (or is it you know meow). It’s Cats Day so Happy Mew Year!.

Draw the Lion

I was looking around other weblogs and came across a weblog that referenced another weblog’s entry: “Lion Cut” (http://www.petebevin.com/archives/000458.html#000458) Too, too funny!