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DreamHost unleashes easy access to cron daemon

Now included in the DreamHost control panel’s Goodies section is Cron Jobs! Job run times available (looking at the pull down menu) are hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, server reboot, or custom. I may have to give this new module a try, but I’ll probably be more likely to fiddle with creating my own crontab to […]

Make your own search engine with 100% more Google

Google has publicly released their Custom Search Engine. In about ten minutes you can have your very own search engine on your site. You can control page rankings and which pages of your site are included or excluded when someone searches on your site. There are other services or scripts that can do this on […]

Browsers need better Ruby markup support

I’ll anxiously be awaiting for better ruby annotation support in web browsers (no I’m not talking about Ruby On Rails). The “Ruby” I’m talking about is found mainly in print. The W3C’s recommendation article is currently dated from May 31, 2001. Sometimes it does take a while to for things to go from a recommendation […]