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Birth and death of a steampunk layout

The original layout for the reboot of my site was going to use a “steampunk”-like theme that I was developing in mockup for this site, but I kept having trouble figuring out how to represent the main section and the part with the entries and sidebar(s) would go. It was completely coded from scratch and […]

CSS Rebooters to bring forth great designs soon

It’s a little too late for me to jump on the band wagon for this year’s fall CSS Reboot on November 1st. There’s another one that is held during the Springtime on May 1st that I could think about. Website layouts like the ones of those who get showcased on the site take some serious […]

Searching for the next Web2.0 trend

Recently I’ve been under a brain-fog over a new website layout. Yes, I was tempted to go the trendy route with heavy gradients and fancy slick web page magic tricks. All those toys out there are pretty tempting. I suffer from this eventual bad fate of working on a layout and tweaking this, tweaking that, […]

Pros and cons of K2 and

I really like the K2 theme, but it combined with the current is a little too much heavy “bling-bling” for my website. I first wanted to steer clear from K2 due to its bulky package, but settled for it in the end for the reboot of my site. I’ve noticed a severe slowdown and […]