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New sans-table layout

New site look. “<table>”-less layout. This was all done by <div> tags and CSS.

Error documents added to site

Created several .htaccess error documents for the website. The list currently includes pages for error: 400, 401, 403, 404, 500, 503. This should be enough to cover the essential “Client Request” and “Server Error” codes.

Error pages are up

I re-edited my .htaccess file and it currently includes pages for the following error #’s: 400, 401, 403, 404, 500, 503. Now they are more uniform visually. This was better than coming up with different long text for each one. I even included a small altered graphic of my face. Since all of the above […]

My new template

Finally. A new template. I spend many long hours tweaking the look. It is somewhat based on the C:\PIRILLO.EXE idea of the entries set in little windows (Like when you open a program that has a taskbar, toolbar, etc.). A really ingenious idea for a layout. I decided to use a “lined index card” effect. […]

Sigh. So far, somewhat good: A switch to MovableType

Well, my blog is switched over to Movable Type. I tried my best to keep things text wise the way they were. One downfall though, one of my entries about a George Orwell quote got messed up and I would have to go to the library to find out the quote and put it back […]

Added wish lists to site

Got everything back up and running again… and with a new site look. Now added are a few “support” links in the sidebar. Now located on their own page called “Wish Lists”. I figured—to heck with it all and why not.

Website anniversary #4

It’s the 4 year anniversary of my website. Happy Hallowe’en!

Design update

Long awaited site design update. Since my website was only tested on a PC compatible with the following browsers Mozilla and IE6. I am hoping other browsers are viewing everything O.K.

CityDesk to the rescue! & Domain dumped

I love this software called CityDesk by Fog Creek! It makes it easier for me to complete my blog and in a lot less time. Major Props! My weblog content management is now handled with Movable Type Currently managed with WordPress It’s (CityDesk) sort of like a WYSIWYG type of content management software in the […]