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New look for 2010

Well, better late than never. It took quite a few minutes getting my site uploaded and back online from that eval(base64_decode crack that my site suffered from back in October due to an outdated WordPress install. I wanted to have the site update completed by midnight my time or at least midnight server time which […]

Re-vamp of site in future

Over the next few days I’ll be starting to test out some different tweaks and add-ons such as a weather add-on which will be different from the one I once had on my weblog. Possibly an add-on that will display the current and last few songs I’ve been listening to with Winamp and an alternative […]

Spam, egg, sausage, and spam

Looks like I’ll have to come up with some other form of blacklisting to get rid of spam in the form of comments. Lately it seems that one of my posts in particular keeps getting spammed. This has caused me to start some comment moderation. Well at least it doesn’t get much spam in it. […]

Website anniversary #6

6th year anniversary of my site. Happy Hallowe’en!

Site made dynamic with PHP

A long overdue redesign of the main part of my site. I have changed the pages over to make use of PHP.

A post using WordPress

Everything should be up and running again from my switch to WordPress. I’m also testing it with this post via Zempt. There will be one temporary problem. All my pages are now in PHP (.php) rather than ending in .shtml. This will cause some Error 404s for a while if some one comes to this […]

A server change for the better

I was checking around my hard drive to find files to delete to free up some space and found saved pages of my Movable Type installation check from my old server and one from my new one. Somehow I was able to get SOAP installed on Earthlink, which was my old hosting service, but it […]

Are You Being Served?

Well I am. I just finished installing Movable Type at my new hosting server DreamHost. Good-bye Earthlink… and good-bye to being held back because of ancient modules. I should be capable of TrackBack now and a whole lot other things like being able to ping places like, and Blogrolling with out bringing up […]

New weblog layout

Finally, after going through several layout possibilities, this is the new layout for my weblog. No HTML table tags yet, (I may put a calendar back up later), all CSS. The layout could be better and a little more streamlined, but I’ll keep it for a while. I hope everthing stills works the same. I […]

Main website updated

Just finished giving the main part of my website a new look. No tables were used for the layout at all and everything validates as XHTML 1.0. Yeahh! I tested it with IE6 and Mozilla whatever the version?. Works well with both. I am content for the time being.