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Birthday time again

Another year, another birthday! Today makes year number 32 for me.

Direct Merchants Bank called again

Direct Merchants Bank called again to harass me. The third time this week! October 19, 2004 at 1:30PM EST October 20, 2004 at 3:02PM EST October 22, 2004 at 8:19AM EST I am so sick of being harassed, but there’s noting I can do about it since it’s Direct Merchants Bank and not an actual […]

Direct Merchants Bank debt collection practices scream foul!

These people are worse than I thought. I was told back in September by Direct Merchants Bank that I would keep getting calls from them every 5 days until the amount due is settled. On the 14th of October the woman stated that the next scheduled time I was to get a call would be […]

How to tick off your customers one-by-one

Now I regret ever getting a credit card back in 1996. Direct Merchants Bank has got to be the most rudest bunch of people I have ever encountered. You are definitely a number and commission to the CSRs there. After being a card holder of their’s for a wee little over 8 years; This is […]

Won’t get fooled again

I had this long question I wanted to post to The Motley Fools website. I had registered with them a few days ago to see if I can get some advice. When I clicked to post a new thread they wanted money! Thanks for participating! You’re trying to access part of the Community that is […]

Dark clouds ahead and strange days past

Sorry to be long winded. I need to vent. Direct Merchants is now harassing me, soon I guess MBNA to follow. I couldn’t afford September’s payment and told them that beforehand. So far 1 missed payment and now I’m getting Collections calls since I was such an good customer with “an outstanding credit history” as […]

Hassles: Part Deux

NOTE: This entry has an prequel entry called “Hassles”. They’re finished painting. There was one little spot that will have to be painted later; sometime next week. They never came back so I just finished the job my self. It was practically impossible to get to with things moved around as they are because of […]


All our stuff in the one of our storage rooms is GONE! Taken. Stolen. Gone. There was some other person’s stuff in there and the key doesn’t fit the lock. I noticed that the knob would wobble a bit. It figures. These new people, owners of the apartment, are only slightly better than the last […]

New Scanner

My mother bought a new scanner today to replace the old broken one we have. Handheld, consuming less space and it can run on either batteries or pluging it in. It only gives frequencies up to about 512MHz. The older one we had I think went up higher. The higher ranges are not needed. A […]

Geez… and it’s not even Friday night yet

Heard some popping noise outside a little before 11:00PM tonight. Shots fired. I go into the living room. “Here we go again…” I start to say. My mother is looking out the window. There were one too many in a short period of time for this to be normal. Usually it is common around here […]