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Business as usual for Microsoft Vista and IE7

Microsoft is flipping companies the bird again and this time kicking Symantec and McAfee to the curb. This all stems from Microsoft not being very helpful to other vendors on the disclosure of their new underlying kernel for Vista so measures can be taken for those vendors to supply updated software to protect consumers using […]

100,000 slices of pi

It took Akira Haraguchi 16 hours to recite π to 100,000 digits from memory earlier this month. This would supercede fellow Japanese Hiroyuki Goto’s official Guinness Book of Record of 42,195 digits set in 1995. Mr. Haraguchi is not a novice at this. His current feat also bypasses his own personal record of 83,431 set […]

North Korea: Animal Farm revisited?

Kim Jong Il better be careful. He is walking a very thin line in making threats. Some people say that he is trying to show the world that North Korea is like the bigger nations—a nuclear power. Giving a false sense of self-reliance and patriotic honor to the North Koreans who have been depending on […]


You are Mihama Chiyo! Which Azumanga Daioh Character are you? brought to you by Quizilla

Redo of my currently reading script

Thinking about fixing up my PHP scripting that I put together of my currently reading section. Either I can make a new table inside my main site’s database with a different prefix, so I can tell which table is for the books and which is for the site, or create a completely new database. Sure […]

Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test

Looking at the results of both the percentages at the beginning, the bar graphs at the bottom and comparing my results with other test-takers, there apparently must not be a lot of people in my specific age and gender group who took the test. Although I don’t like the idea of the fact that the […]

My Nerd score

One word about my score, “Buwahahah!” 😛 All hail the monstrous nerd. You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!!

MAKE: magazine to show it’s more CRAFTy side

O’Reilly books branched off into a magazine project called Make: a few years ago and soon they will be releasing their branched sister project called Craft: magazine. Make: was already a to-drool-for magazine and now I can really get salivating over Craft:!

Easy upgrading

Upgraded the main section of my website to WordPress so I don’t have to keep updating by hand and posting only a sentence to a small paragraph. This will make things more centralized and will serve as my new “weblog”. As far as the layout is concerned, I decided to settle using the widely available […]

Serious overhaul of my website

New site layout and upgrades are in the works.