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Boomkat, that’s it…

It’s about Gad-dang time I figured this one out! A few weeks ago I hear this new song on the radio that I really liked. It was hard to tell what the DJs were saying when they stated the name of the band. “Broadcast” is what it sounded like they were saying. Those DJs really […]

DMX music playground sucks!

DMX music playground sucks! (Until further notice.) First it wouldn’t load up for a few days to a week then they get rid of the Dance programming channel from their online player. It was replaced by Hottest Hits on my online player. Good thing there are other online music services for me to listen to […]

Viva la Sci-Fi

Waahhoo! NBC is showing Star Trek: Insurrection. An edited for TV version I gather since it’s not cable. No matter. I’ve never got to see this one before. I wanted to see it when it was at the show, but for the usual financial reasons I didn’t. According to the telephone recording of the last […]

TV makeover shows.

My mother had off today. Earlier today she was flipping through the cable stations and came across a show on The Learning Channel called A Makeover Story. We’ve seen another episode of this before and were yapping about how bad the makeovers were and joked how the after’s were not much of an improvement from […]