Author Archives: Sonya weeding out weenie associates

Looks like I’ll be canceling my (US) associates account and maybe the CA and UK associates accounts as well. I got an e-mail stating that they will be tacking on a $10 maintenance fee my US account since there has not been any type of commission from my links in a long while. Here’s […]

Preparing for the next generation: ISBN-13

Looks like I’ll have to make a better script for my currently reading section to take account of the upcoming changes in the ISBN standards[?] and the differences in the locations of books on the different Amazon country sites. For instance, The Da Vinci Code audiobook on CD has the ISBN-10 of 0739313126 and ISBN-13 […]

Amazon books and deadly doggie tails

When did this start? I really must not be paying attention like I should to the and international affiliate sites like I should. now has a Chinese site through Amazon China/Joyo currently only has 19 product categories while has 35 to search from. Also, there doesn’t seem to be an Associates […]

There’s a little black spot on the Sun today

That’s Mercury up there. Starting 2:12pm EST, the planet Mercury will be traveling between the Sun and Earth. Viewable, (in parts of the world), as a little speck that will take about five hours to glide across the lower part of the Sun. If you miss this one live and in person, don’t worry the […]

Hey, that’s a funny looking dog you got there

Yesterday there was something mentioned on the local morning news that was somewhat funny. I wanted to post this yesterday morning when I head about it but I didn’t have much info to go on since it was a short passing blurb of a story. I knew it was local, but not sure where, when […]

Ohio company wants YouTube to pipe down

Please folks, stop confusing UTube with YouTube. The company Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation ( is seeking to sue YouTube ( for an increase in web traffic the Ohio based company claimed that it is now getting (100 times more) is due to similarities in spelling and sound of domain names. UTube wants YouTube […]

CSS Rebooters to bring forth great designs soon

It’s a little too late for me to jump on the band wagon for this year’s fall CSS Reboot on November 1st. There’s another one that is held during the Springtime on May 1st that I could think about. Website layouts like the ones of those who get showcased on the site take some serious […]

Daylight Saving Time

I never noticed any physical changes for myself when going to and from Standard Time. The only difference noticed is when it gets dark and light earlier or later. No “jet lag” type circadian rhythm disruption for a few days or a week. Never thought of the changes as “losing” or “gaining” a hour sleep. […]

Firefox 2.0 is born

Yippee! 2.0 is out. Looks like I’ll be updating to the latest version of Firefox. This latest one will include spell check among other things. 2.0 will also address an issue that I’ve had to deal with in the version. It was a serious memory resource hog (partly due to some extensions installed). Not […]

Business as usual for Microsoft Vista and IE7

Microsoft is flipping companies the bird again and this time kicking Symantec and McAfee to the curb. This all stems from Microsoft not being very helpful to other vendors on the disclosure of their new underlying kernel for Vista so measures can be taken for those vendors to supply updated software to protect consumers using […]