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Birth and death of a steampunk layout

The original layout for the reboot of my site was going to use a “steampunk”-like theme that I was developing in mockup for this site, but I kept having trouble figuring out how to represent the main section and the part with the entries and sidebar(s) would go. It was completely coded from scratch and […]

Website bombardment and crack of 2009

A now time for a seriously long-winded story my little kitties. It has it’s beginnings, middles, and endings. It’s about how I realized my decrepit WordPress install was not so secure. This may or may not have anything to do with my website getting cracked into and it may or may not have been a […]

New look for 2010

Well, better late than never. It took quite a few minutes getting my site uploaded and back online from that eval(base64_decode crack that my site suffered from back in October due to an outdated WordPress install. I wanted to have the site update completed by midnight my time or at least midnight server time which […]

How Disney likes to screw over anime lovers with the old bait and switch

Disney’s G-Force movie is slated for US release soon and for some time there have been some people posting their excitement-quickly-turned-to-disappointment responses to the trailers. Example: The “G-Force” movie trailer. With the majority saying exactly what I said when I saw the trailers for the first time on TV not too long ago … “WTF!?” […]

Something for all the boos and ghouls

Happy Hallowe’en. Also…10th anniversary of website.

Happy Lunar Year of the Rat 2008!

恭喜發財! Good luck, prosperity and best wishes to all.

Americans like their horror Asian style

Looks like here in the States there is an increasing trend to remake a lot of previously released Asian horror films lately. In February 2008, the Americanized version of the Chinese horror film The Eye (見鬼) will be in theaters despite the fact that the original Chinese version was released publicly in North America sometime […]

How childhood anime makes a comeback

The Wachowski brothers’, (the Matrix Trilogy and V for Vendetta), take on Speed Racer is due out in theaters as a live action movie sometime in 2008. I’m hoping it will be good and it will be interesting to see how the anime style is adapted and carried over to live actors. In other news, […]

US film industry remakes another J-Horror flick for 2008

Just like the Japan flicks and sequels to Ringu (リング) and Ju-on (呪怨) have spawned the US versions and offspring of The Ring and The Grudge, early January 2008 there will be a remake of Chakushin Ari (着信アリ) or One Missed Call available in US movie theaters. Depending on how well it does, you can […]

DreamHost unleashes easy access to cron daemon

Now included in the DreamHost control panel’s Goodies section is Cron Jobs! Job run times available (looking at the pull down menu) are hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, server reboot, or custom. I may have to give this new module a try, but I’ll probably be more likely to fiddle with creating my own crontab to […]