Preparing for the next generation: ISBN-13

Looks like I’ll have to make a better script for my currently reading section to take account of the upcoming changes in the ISBN standards[?] and the differences in the locations of books on the different Amazon country sites. For instance, The Da Vinci Code audiobook on CD has the ISBN-10 of 0739313126 and ISBN-13 of 9780739313121. Both of which successfully brings up the product pages on the .com and .ca (Canada) sites. The (United Kingdom) site doesn’t access correctly entering those numbers. Another example is the book Japanese Comickers. the .com and UK site use the same ISBN-10 but give different book covers, specific titles, and authors/editors.

  .com .ca
ISBN-10 0060513551 0823025810 0060513551
Cover cover cover cover
By Comickers Magazine (ed) Design Exchange Design Exchange
Publisher Collins Design Watson-Guptill Publications HarperCollins Design International

In this case, if I was to remain using my script as is, the page link to the Canadian site would be wrong because the link would be pointed to “0060513551” and not its correct pointer at “0823025810”
Strangely enough, the book I’m reading has the UK site information but the .com cover showing the full extended title, Japanese Comickers: Draw Anime and Manga Like Japan’s Hottest Artists.

I have been thinking about rewriting my script so I could include links to other non-Amazon affiliate sites. Looks like this will be a required change even if I just stick with links to locales. Changing it would mean I can provide separate if needed links. Especially if I had to reference a book that a site didn’t carry. This way only places that carry it would show links. Currently my script only uses the one reference point (ISBN-10) to access the three affiliate sites I now use. I’ll have to create a new table in my MySQL database for different affilate sites, their ISBN/GTIN numbers or product page locations and create a reference link to the table with the rest of the book info.