Amazon books and deadly doggie tails

When did this start? I really must not be paying attention like I should to the and international affiliate sites like I should. now has a Chinese site through Amazon China/Joyo currently only has 19 product categories while has 35 to search from. Also, there doesn’t seem to be an Associates Program or Web Services yet. I could be wrong cause I’ve only skimmed through it a little bit. Well worth the further research if any Web Services for developers becomes available. Although I doubt the same selections of books will be offered on the China site due to some *ahem* government restrictions sensitive issues.

screen image crop A bit funny too with the lost in translation and incorrectly spelled items that can be found. Like the front page of one of the Books subsection has a graphic and link to Eight Million Wags to Die. Yes, it read “…Wags…”.

Is this the scientific average life span of dogs in terms of tail wagging? Is it a dog book about a 007 canine. Is there even a dog in it? I have no idea. 😆

Turns out it should be Eight Million Ways to Die by Lawrence Block.