Hey, that’s a funny looking dog you got there

Yesterday there was something mentioned on the local morning news that was somewhat funny. I wanted to post this yesterday morning when I head about it but I didn’t have much info to go on since it was a short passing blurb of a story. I knew it was local, but not sure where, when or most of the details. Nothing was found at the time on the news station’s website, but I found it today somewhere else. Turns out it happened earlier this week on Monday and in Oil City, PA (about 70 mi/113 km from here).

Something happened to a letter carrier who was on her delivery route. She walked up to a house to deliver the mail. She saw an animal, and an animal saw her. She goes about her own business and puts the mail in the mailbox. As she turns around to leave and continue her route, she gets attacked… wham! Kung pow—enter the squirrel!! The full story: Squirrel goes postal. Another evil squirrel related story: The Bushy Tailed Rat.