Ohio company wants YouTube to pipe down

Please folks, stop confusing UTube with YouTube.

The company Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation (utube.com) is seeking to sue YouTube (youtube.com) for an increase in web traffic the Ohio based company claimed that it is now getting (100 times more) is due to similarities in spelling and sound of domain names. UTube wants YouTube either change its name or YouTube should pay UTube so it can buy a brand new domain name and create a whole brand new company identity. They most likely want the money option since Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion.

Here’s how to tell the two apart:

  • From UTube site: “…specializes in buying and selling Used Tube Mills, Used Pipe Mills and Used Rollforming Machines”
  • From YouTube site: “…a consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience”

I wonder why the Ohio company didn’t go after NBC before since the Tonight Show would occasionally do segments of things they found on YouTube. I think even the Today Show (also on NBC) highlighted videos before, so surely, the Ohio company had to see some traffic spikes in the past.

Yesterday, YouTube announced that within a year it wants to provide a service for wireless devices. More $$ for the video based site (and parent Google).

Now since this lawsuit has gone public, looks like UTube got itself even more traffic coming.

I have an idea why not keep the identity of Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation and just go under UTREC.BIZ? Last time I checked, (as of this posting), that domain was available.