Make your own search engine with 100% more Google

Google has publicly released their Custom Search Engine. In about ten minutes you can have your very own search engine on your site. You can control page rankings and which pages of your site are included or excluded when someone searches on your site. There are other services or scripts that can do this on their own, but this new search engine will be powered with Google and allows for future customization. #3 of the CSE FAQ:

  • Apply your website’s look and feel to the search results page.
  • Make money from your Custom Search Engine by participating in Google’s AdSense program.
  • Provide search refinements within results pages to make it easier for searchers to find the information they’re looking for.
  • Incrementally add sites to your search engine’s index as you surf the web.
  • Invite friends and trusted users to co-edit and contribute to your search engine.

Google already has long provided the option of including their search box on websites, now think of this Custom Search Engine as like having a little more control on how information on your site is used and what results are shown (e.g. no more feline animal results when someone searches for “tiger” on a golfing related website).

There’s a catch or possible downside, depending how you feel about it, Google will display short, text-based ads with your search results. At the moment, the CSE is only open to English language based Google searches like,, .ca,, and