North Korea: Animal Farm revisited?

Kim Jong Il better be careful. He is walking a very thin line in making threats. Some people say that he is trying to show the world that North Korea is like the bigger nations—a nuclear power. Giving a false sense of self-reliance and patriotic honor to the North Koreans who have been depending on other nearby countries for food and other aid for about a century and has a failing economy that makes them one of the poorest of nations.

Recent events have lead me to the following possible theme of events:

  • It seems like they’re playing a game where they put everyone around them in danger even the people in North Korea to try to get what they want. Sort of like give us what we want—more food, resources, and other goods—or else. Part of me thinks that they just want to play this game to see how far they can get. After all they are pressed for resources. If it is a game it can be one that can get out of control and end horribly wrong (mainly for the North Koreans and their future).
  • It’s like a Jedi mind trick on the part of Kim Jong Il, his military, and his government. With very little food material goods, and resources to go around, I’m surprised there hasn’t been some type of internal revolution by the lower class. I&#8217m sure they’re getting weary. Little food among other things and maybe a growing sense of things could be better if there was a major change somehow. The mind trick scenario could come into play by showing the people that “Look, North Korea is not so bad under the current leadership. We have a large strong military.1 We’re conducting missile test as we speak. Were a big time major nuclear power now. Your suffering makes for a stronger, patriotic and honorable North Korea in the future.”

As of the food aid they do get, a good majority goes the military, the DPRK party elite and the few select rich people. It’s sounding more and more to me like George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

  1. That is, a financially well-to-do, well fed military.