Searching for the next Web2.0 trend

Recently I’ve been under a brain-fog over a new website layout. Yes, I was tempted to go the trendy route with heavy gradients and fancy slick web page magic tricks. All those toys out there are pretty tempting. I suffer from this eventual bad fate of working on a layout and tweaking this, tweaking that, putting a lot of time and thought into it until I finally grow tired of the design as a whole and scrap it. This is mainly because of one or more of the following (mostly all):

  1. It no longer looks the way it should after changing things around
  2. It’s beyond code repair after hours, if not days, of tweaking.
  3. It no longer looks right—must come up with something better.

Then the vicious cycle continues from the beginning. Stumbling across a website a few weeks ago, (I forget which one), helped me to realize that I’m not the only one with this problem of a “fix it ‘till it’s broken” mentality in designing. It makes me feel so much better about myself to know that there are a multitude of others who’ve had layouts/designs that went from looking cool but modest to looking like a $2 hooker with way too much makeup on—really trashy and increasingly butt ugly to boot. I still have trouble learning how to step back from a layout project before it grows stale on me.

Yesterday, I came across this article titled DRAG-ing Your Design Down – How To Style Yourself To Anonymity by Some Random Dude (that’s the name of the site). The author gave a long post about his opinion of the ongoing trend of Web2.0’s Drop-shadows, Rounded corners, And Gradients earlier this year. His site, for contrast, is rather minimal but still packs visual punch. It reminded me of one of my old weblog#8217;s minimalistic layout style of a white background and very little of the bling that is prominent with the Web2.0 design trend.

old site layout I’m also guilty of the rounded corners style with the main part of my old website, but it can only be viewed in certain browsers because it is created using a Mozilla specific CSS property -moz-border-radius. Oh well, the spaceman and alien with gray colors theme of mine is quite a few years old by-the-way. Now for this site there is only a minor gradient for the background of the entries which I hope fits in nicely with the design.

The article has inspired me to just stick with my old weblog design. Never mind the bollocks1 bling-bling. Hopefully by the end of this week this site will be graced with a slightly re-vamped layout of my old weblog. This should finally allow me to concentrate on other projects.

  1. Please pardon the Sex Pistols reference.