Redo of my currently reading script

Thinking about fixing up my PHP scripting that I put together of my currently reading section. Either I can make a new table inside my main site’s database with a different prefix, so I can tell which table is for the books and which is for the site, or create a completely new database.

Sure there are other scripts and plugins that can do the basically the same thing but I’ve either found them to be lacking in some areas or extremely bloated content wise for my current needs.1 I’m not looking to show detailed information or reviews at the moment. For the time being, I’m just using a simple link provided by in my sidebar. This is a lot less information than my original code which was showing a progress bar with the percentage of the book that was read and links to other sites.2 Instead of just inputting the information of title, author, ISBN, pages using PHP and MySQL, I’m now experimenting with combining Amazon’s XML product feed along with it so I can pull the information with just entering the ISBN and updating the number of pages and where I left of in the book.3

I’ve also been thinking of creating a stand-alone or extension to Firefox so I can easily update my book status. I like the idea of making something for Firefox more because it gives me a reason to learn XUL. The downside, having to learn the workings of XML-RPC.

  1. Such as: Amazon Media Manager, CG-Amazon, WP-Amazon, and many others. Plus, I want to create something of my own that I can call my own.
  2. Local sites for Canada, and United Kingdom, along with the standard US. I haven’t signed up for any other locales yet.
  3. It could have been just by entering the ISBN and last page read, but neither of Amazon’s XML feeds lite or heavy contain a book’s total page count.