Pros and cons of K2 and

I really like the K2 theme, but it combined with the current is a little too much heavy “bling-bling” for my website. I first wanted to steer clear from K2 due to its bulky package, but settled for it in the end for the reboot of my site. I’ve noticed a severe slowdown and hanging of the page loadings since day one. There is also some type of bug which sometimes shows the “busy” symbol of the circling dots when the page loads and stays there for a while. When this happens the “rolling archives” slider is inoperative. This lagging is happening way too much for my comfort. I’ve turned off a few special features like the rolling archives.

In comparison, the Default (the older Kubrick) theme has 17 .php files and Classic theme has 6 .php files. K2 on the other hand has 40+ .php files, about 9 javascript files (I included the .js files set in .php files here but did not include them in the .php count). This includes’ Prototype framework v1.5.0_rc0. Presented in K2 as a javascript file set into a .php page weighting in at 56KB. I guess this is not to bad since the updated v1.5.0_rc1 would most likely jack the .php page weight up to 64KB!

Not every file in K2 has to be used since it is possible to turn some features off in its theme control panel. A lot of these included functions, modules and possible plugin inclusions I’m not using yet and some may never be used. I really have no need for Flickr and don’t even have an account. I’ll also have to trim some of the extra if, else, and if function_exists out not due to extra weight to the files but because the stuff is not being use and to help ease the script reading and finding of the things I do use.

I’ll be studying the both K2 and files for awhile so I can figure out something lighter in weight and a different theme since I’m not use to using someone else’s straight out of the box layout. Hopefully I can come up with my own layout sometime soon.