Whatever you do, don’t pet the funny looking little black and white kitty with the funny looking tail

While I was walking to work last night I saw a little animal scurrying along the sidewalk catty-cornered from me. A bit of a strange sight considering that this is Downtown Pittsburgh and you don’t get to see this type of creature around here in the middle of the city. I could tell it was dark with white fur along its’ back. From the shape and the tail I knew right away it wasn’t a stray cat, dog, squirrel or raccoon for that matter. It was a skunk. Yep—a skunk! A lady nearby also saw the it and mentioned that you usually only see them in the country.

I waited until it crossed the street in a different direction to go about my way. I almost change my route completely. The last thing I wanted to do is get stuck on the same side of the street as this skunk and all of a sudden it gets the jitters or paranoia.

It probably hitched a ride on the back of a pickup truck or something. I can’t imagine it hopped on and off a bus.

Maybe it was on its way to the North Side to see George W. and his wife. I guess it might take it a few hours to get to the North Side on foot and maybe it wanted to get there rather early and before the press. Not sure when they’re (“G.W.” and “L”) due in the North Side but it’s sometime today.

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