Upgrades due

Well—it’s been a long time since I’ve last posted. Looks like it’s time for another upgrade since WordPress has released it’s 1.5 version named “Strayhorn”. The name strikes me as a bit funny since I think Microsoft has been having a wee bit of trouble getting their new OS “Longhorn” up and running.

I’ve also found another way to combat comment spam. The problem recently became trackback spam. Not much of a problem visually since you can’t view the trackback on my weblog. Just a hassle on my end getting rid on the e-mail notifications and cleaning up the moderation admin page. Both of these problems can be handled with a SQL query that I found somewhere on the internet. I’ll post it as soon as I find my notes. It makes it easier for me to close the ability for others to leave comments and trackback on older posts without having to rely on a plugin. I tried a plugin before but it gave me errors. Trackback will officially be turned off for the time being since I don’t even use it. Comments are still on moderation.

Now as far as the upgrading… I might have to come up with another layout since mine is not based on the default themes or templates.