Canned spam

I’m trying a different way to deter spambots from trying to post junk about their usual casino websites and “texas-hold ’em” links. My weblog was getting hammered lately so I had to tighten my comment moderation. It was always one of my posts getting hit. I closed the ability to post comments to that one then a different post keeped getting spammed. These are recent posts so I can’t keep closing them off because of droids …er I mean bots. They’re not allowed in my cantina!

It was getting a hassle to clear out the bad comments so I decided to try something else to stop them in their tracks. It’s found on the WordPress Wiki plugins page.

Trencaspammers – Security Graphic Generator for Comments:

Only humans will be able to post thus avoiding spamming bots. It generates a graphic code you need to read and copy into a new field in the comments block.

I tried it out and it works. This should stop the flood of non-topic related cryptic comments that keeps getting into my comment moderation box.