Re-vamp of site in future

Over the next few days I’ll be starting to test out some different tweaks and add-ons such as a weather add-on which will be different from the one I once had on my weblog. Possibly an add-on that will display the current and last few songs I’ve been listening to with Winamp and an alternative to displaying the books I’m currently reading from AllConsuming since uses a javaScript code to get the info and I want to try to stay away from javaScript in my code.

There is a “WP-allconsuming” plugin that I haven’t tried yet, but the creator’s website has been down for a while now. I could go back to my old way of displaying the books by regular static XHTML and including it on the main page.

I’ve been testing other plugins, add-ons and layouts as well. Hopefully I’ll a newer version of my weblog up by Christmas time or at least by New Years.