Election Day 2004

My mother and I got out early to cast our vote. Her polling place was closer to where we live than the place I had to go to. That’s strange since we both live in the same place. Might have been due to clerical error since our address is the same but it was represented in different ways. Same place different wording. I thought it would be same living location, same polling location. Oh, well. Computers can’t tell if two addresses are the same.

I asked the woman outside my location how the polling places were based. She stated that she thought it was based on what is closer to where you live. Hhmmm?! 😕

Afterward I decided to got see if my mother was still in line at her place or if she was done and plus to get another response to my questions from the people manning that polling place outside. Caught her just as she was leaving. Just in time. Too bad my location was not the same as my mother. She got goodies: a button, sticker(s). I got nil. She went off to work and I went to ask the location plus other questions to the poll workers outside. They advised me to call the voter protection line 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

This means I was one of the callers from Allegheny County that they were talking about earlier on the Today Show. Also the call was about the fact that someone would call from the downstairs intercom/phone in our building or some place else and leave a message addressed specifically to my mother acknowledging that she was registered to vote and she could be offered a ride to the polling place. The place they stated, the Lutheran Church, was not the place she was suppose to go and was not the place printed out on her registration card form. They, who every they are (volunteers), do this every election either calling from downstairs or knocking door to door since the majority of the people in our building are elderly and they want to give them a ride to the polls. My polling place on my registration paper was the Lutheran Church. I had to look up the address on Yahoo to figure out where it was at, it was a longer walk for me. My mother got to go to the Library which is much closer and more familiar territory. I regularly goto the library. In fact, I was just there last night returning and getting out books. Too bad one book was ruined inside since the pages were cut out. How rude. Had I known I never would have got it out.

We made sure we went to our respective polling places that was printed with our registration card mailings sent to us by our Elections Division, not where someone else tells us. The last thing we wanted to do is deal with filling out the “provisional” ballot which can be questioned and possibly voided for any reason later. That’s what happens when you vote at one location when you were suppose to go to a different place. You end up not being on the list and forced to fill out a provisional ballot.

the first time I’ve voted and it’s painless so… Get out and vote!. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for so I’ll just go off on a tangent and leave you with some non-opinionated, non-political, but funny, witty stuff I stumbled across somewhere on Amazon.com. I think it was someone’s user name or something: “Ban Bush. Promote Shaving”.

Ooops! Did I say non-opinionated and non-political? 😆