Another member of the Ramones gone

I’m still reeling a bit over the death of Johnny Ramone (September 15, 2004).

Sad. Joey’s death (April 15, 2001) seemed unexpected at least to me since he denied publicly being sick and only the people who knew him knew how sick he was. Dee Dee’s OD death (June 7, 2002) on the other hand, was sort of a gimme the way people talked about his punk lifestyle.

I don’t know any of them but from the information that keeps coming out, it seems so far I would have understood Johnny the most. Outside of the hardcore baseball and hardcore Republican stuff. Although I did play softball during my senior year of high school, started guitar in middle school and would rather watch a horror movie over a sappy one. What I don’t understand is why some people complain about the fact he wanted to make money. Duh! That’s usually why some people go into the music biz. Sure it’s fun to entertain but it’s also nice to have a little something to kick back on.

Money’s not always a bad thing. It helps pay the bills among other things. I hate the idea of being wasteful. It’s stupid to be wasteful in money because you never know when it won’t be there when you need it. Especially for someone my age; by the time I reach retirement age I won’t be able to retire and most likely Social Security will be null, void and done with.

Think in the future?not the present. Don’t dream too hard or you’ll dream your life away.

After doing some research I looked and saw that Johnny’s birthday was on October 8. Then I remembered this entry of mine in which I yapped about what happened to my wishlist account info a few years back. Strange.