Computer zombies with a viral load in e-mails

Well, I’m still getting zombiefied emails from France that have attachments with them. I guess it looks like that guy who emailed me last year got his computer hijacked recently. When he emailed me last year his email client must have saved me in his address book (A feature which can be turned off). Once his system got infected and turned into a zombie everyone including me is now getting the emails with the attachments.

15 more between the 18th of June till now. All with the “” in the headers. Someone on there is infected and it sends itself to people with different “sender” emails. I’ve got 3 different “senders” so far. The IP numbers are different for the most part but the numbers belong to the same block… “”, as in the headers.

I started to keep a little OpenOffice spreadsheet on the attachment names, dates, IP info, subject titles, and sizes of the zombie emails I’m getting (mainly because it finally gives me a reason to start learning the ins-and-outs of OpenOffice). Plus, I figured it wouldn’t be wise to bounce the emails since that might cause more trouble in cyberspace so it’s…

delete, delete, delete!