Rampant email viruses

There has been a strangely increasing amount of spam with virus attachments sent to my email. I’ve gotten more of these emails within the last few days than I’ve ever got before. 2 additional yesterday and 2 more just today. They didn’t effect or infect me.

This time attachments with file the names:

  • Manufacture.zlv
  • Alive_condom.com
  • Counter_strike.vbs
  • bateaqxiqy.jpeg
  • Message.zip

The last two were sent together, how nice. Taking a closer look at the email headers (The same French header info as the emails I talked about a few days ago on the 15th.) and the common sender name this time, I realized this joker has emailed me before (Re: Past entry titled “Dig this…” from 28 October 03). I can’t really tell if this actual person deliberately sent these to me or not but it’s getting annoying. Luckily my email program has now trained itself to automatically mark it as junk mail.

Of course the recent four were sent with a “latinmail.com” email suffix. A popular spammer domain.