What the…? Spoofing and phishing.

I got a few funny emails recently. Too funny for words and an obvious attempt at forging, spoofing and phishing! Here’s one:

Hello user of Eklectik.com e-mail server,

Your e-mail account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access.

For more information see the attached file.

Kind regards,
  The Eklectik.com team        http://www.eklectik.com

Ha! The Eklectik.com team?! Gee, what a minute, That’s me! Funny I don’t remember doing any “unauthorized access” on my account and sending myself and email to that affect preventing me from accessing my own email. Bad me. For shame! Go figure.

An attached file you say? Obvious ploy to get me to open an attachment in an email from a sender who is unknown—but in the case of the one from The Eklectik.com team, well there is no “The Eklectik.com team” Thank You, but no. Try again.

Who ever this asshole is (whether human or machine) they sent me some other emails too but with the sender email address changed. Apparently with a different attachment with them with names like: MoreInfo.pif, Toy.com, the_message.com and Info.scr. All of which to me spell out trouble (i.e. virus, trojan, phishing).

Some of the emails didn’t even have any regular plain text in the body of the message. Except one that only stated “I love you answer me please” and gave a website address. My sarcastic answer: “Oh, O.K. Uuh, I think it’s time we started seeing other people. Really, it’s been great, but I feel we’ve grown distant. We can still be friends alright?” I really didn’t respond to the email.

Most likely a phishing scam on that one. From the headers I think I’ve narrowed it down to it being supposedly sent from a French domain and an IP based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam).