Where in the world is…?

I was ordering some vitamins from Swanson’s Vitamins online today and while going through checkout it showed my normal shipping/billing information but with something I’ve never seen/noticed before. It had my phone number totally wrong! It was an area code I’ve never seen before, 956. It was ten numbers and in the box for my phone number so I figured that well somehow they think it’s my phone number. I had to do a search (after I corrected the error of course) to see where the number belonged. Nothing on entering the whole number but 956 belongs to the cites: Harlingen, Laredo and McAllen… TEXAS!

Hey? I’m in Pittsburgh and never been to Texas. It’s almost like the time when one day I logged into my Amazon.com and found that my birthday info stored and displayed for my wishlist had been changed to October 8 instead of remaining at the correct December 23. I had found out about the change in birthdate some time in November 2002 and who knows how long it was like that. May be I should log into my accounts more often to make sure info doesn’t change for no reason. Once I input info (especially info that should not change a lot or at all) it would be nice if it would stay put.

Damn trolls!