Are You Being Served?

Well I am.

I just finished installing Movable Type at my new hosting server DreamHost. Good-bye Earthlink… and good-bye to being held back because of ancient modules. I should be capable of TrackBack now and a whole lot other things like being able to ping places like, and Blogrolling with out bringing up each of their websites every time after I post.

Heck! I even got shell access! Gotta learn to get around with those UNIX commands better. It’s the first time I really got to poke around and use it. Oh drool… The extra toys I get to play with!

And also, instead of trying to recreate the former weblog layout I decided to go with something simple this time around.

Oh… You may also notice the name change of the weblog. I have the delicious SoBe Lizard Lava to blame. They now have a Strawberry Daiquiri flavored drink. YUMMM The anime/parody-anime Excel Saga also had some influence in the name change to The Strawberry Daiquiri Saga.