Earthlink’s ancient Perl version craps on Movable Type users

Time for some real makeovers for my weblog to make it easier to update different sections. I will also have to fix up my .htaccess file so that if I change the page endings something different from (currently) .shtml the page will automatically redirect to the new page with out getting and error 404.

Since I’m on Earthlink, I can’t use all the fancy-schmancy doodads that other people with Movable Type and servers with updated Perl/modules. Most of my sidebar is done using SSI hence all the pages ending in .shtml. I’m going to change the .htaccess so it can parse .html with any Includes as well. (Possibly via XBitHack so it won’t create heavier files processing-wise). A better searchable page (search engine-wise) than with it ending in .shtml. Also on the To Do list: better archive filing.

Oh… If any of you out there use MT and are hosted by Earthlink and ever wondered why you can’t use all those wonderful plugins to enhance your site—it’s because Earthlink is a bit of a fossil when it comes to updating their stuff. Their Perl version is ancient! 5.00404. Also don’t expect them to update it any time soon. They can’t just update certain servers here and there. They would have to update all and once. Again, don’t expect them to update it any time soon. Pooh! Oh well.

In other news, BlogShares seems to be on the funk lately. Site down one minute, up the next and slow as heck. I don’t know why I bother with it anyway I don’t even care trade or anything. From their site, “BlogShares News: Jan 13- We installed a new SQL server…̵

Yeah folks, my life now is a big ol’ ball of blah!