We are becoming our own mythology

There is an amazingly disturbing trend going on these days. Cutting ones’ tongue or “tongue-splitting”. Yep, you heard right and I’m sure some of you will a little creeped out as I am.

Picture and article text from Parade® The Sunday Newspaper Magazine, as printed Sunday, December 28, 2003 during their "The Best & Worst Of Everything" of 2003:

Worst Fashion Trend
From the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press

These days, the attention-grabbing look is tongue-splitting: cutting the tongue to make it forked. Some say the practice is nothing short of mutilation. Those who’ve had their tongues split call it body modification and see it as an enhancement. A few do it for shock value. And many say they simply like how it looks and feels.

Closeup of Mr. Keen with split tongue.
James Keen speaks with forked tongue.
“When I first saw it, I thought tongue-splitting was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life,” says James Keen of Scottsville, Ky., who got his tongue cut by a body piercer after a surgeon declined to do it.

Keen, 19, who now speaks with a slight lisp, says most people don’t know he’s had it done unless he shows them. When he does, he demonstrates how both forks of his tongue can move independently. And it’s a plus, he says, when it comes to kissing.

#1, about the kissing part: Eeewww! Man, that’s enough to give me the chills. *shivers*

#2: Just a reminder, the tongue is a muscle folks! Ouch! o_O
That’s gotta hurt.

Now what would happen if he got bored of the look? How do you stitch a tongue back together? What if it got infected in the healing process? I guess when he licks his lips, he does it in half the time, because one fork can take the high road and the other take the low road.

What will they be splitting next? Chilling and ultra spooky.