Blog Spam Bad

O.K. I’m going to delete the 2 comments left to my weblog that are apparent spam.

“Nice article.” and “More comment please? ;)” for persons who are leaving their URL web address as discounted life insurance companies and mailing companies can’’t be good. One word. SPAM! Both of these were left to the same entry called “Postal Mishap”.

Yes, that is all that is in the body of the comments. Cryptic as they may be they’re still abit meaning less and spam it seems.

These are no the only ones. There was one other previous comment left. Cryptic just the same. I think it was some reference to their liking of a certain school. Completely nothing to do with any of my entries.

(It also looks like I need to spend some time re-vamping how my comments page shows up once comments are posted. *sigh* Another day. Another time.)