Duuuude! Ya’ want some smoked chicken or some smoked turkey?

My mother made a quick glance at Friday’s newspaper and got a quick scan over the front page headlines. One was about Tommy Chong’s arrest charge Downtown. Another closer glance and she realized he was arrested for “pot pipes” not “pot pies”!

Partial humour rant that ensued:

My mother: “Whoa, Tommy—probably selling pot pies from the back of a truck! Giant Eagle, (a local grocery store), is selling pot pies every day and they get Tommy Chong!?”

Me: “No they were pot pies!”

*Knock, Knock*
Chong: “Who is it?”
Cheech: “It’s Dave, man!”
Chong: “Who?!”
Cheech: “Dave!”
Chong: “Dave??”
Cheech: “Yeah, I got the pies man, let me in!”
Chong: “Dave’s not here.”