They’re back!

I noticed this little fellow last Sunday. This creature appeared in my neighbourhood near the busway. It’s still lurking around. Currently it has been M.I.A. for a while now. It may have been move to a new spot? It’s an escapee of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. It said it’s name is “Transitsaurus”. It’s not a big deal and not really scary. Except for those tiny little happy looking people that are roaming around inside of him (those round circles near the top sides of the beast are little windows and the eyes are where the bus driver is). He doesn’t seem to mind. Others like him have been lurking around various parts of Pittsburgh now for a few weeks. Popping up, one by one and painted to please.

Yep, folks it’s Dinomite Days.

My mother frequently encounters one somewhere Downtown wearing a business suit, “T. rex VP”. Beware of any dapperly dressed new co-workers with sharp teeth.