Boomkat, that’s it…

It’s about Gad-dang time I figured this one out!

A few weeks ago I hear this new song on the radio that I really liked. It was hard to tell what the DJs were saying when they stated the name of the band. “Broadcast” is what it sounded like they were saying. Those DJs really need to get the marbles out of their mouths. I really didn’t want to bother calling the radio station up and asking.

Internet searched for it during the last few days and under the title of “the reckoning” since that part of the DJs words I could make out. I came up with nothing. Searched using some of the lyrics. Nothing. Finally I decided to try a different spelling, “the wreckoning” with a few of the lyrics. Lo-and-behold… the song IS “Wreckoning” by “Boomkat“

Their album, Boomkatalog One, is due out April 8, 2003. I have no idea what the other songs sound like so I’ll just wait a bit until there are more samples out there to listen to. The single of the song is due out March 4, 2003. So far I’ve heard 2 different versions of the song.