Browser Hijacking sucks

Imagine if you will, just browsing and researching away when all of a sudden a page on a site that you’ve visited before now has something added to it. No folks, I’m not talking about new content. I’m talking about your web browser now has a new toolbar!

…yer browser’s been hijacked!

I was wondering, “Is this a new css or dhtml effect that makes your navigation look like a toolbar? Can’t be, I’ve been on the website before”. I right clicked the toolbar and noticed that it had a new menu item checked: Xupiter. Uuh? One thing I can’t stand is a another toolbar taking up valuable space. I only have 5 other small buttons other than the forward and back buttons with address bar. I don’t need a toolbar I’ll never use—especially a toolbar I didn’t ask for.

I did a Google search and Lockergnome search. The SpywareInfo website was very useful as well. It turns out that it secretly installed itself using Active-X and the “<OBJECT>” tag embedding on a webpage or pop-up… or pop-under for that matter. Oh, well. To combat this I downloaded and used Spybot S&D by PepiMK Software that handled the browser hijacker Xupiter well after a reboot. (You can find the download at various places like ZDNet or at My Tempory Internet Files folder still had some bits and pieces of Xupiter that I had to take care of. Now I’ll have a look at my Registry to see if any other bits and pieces were left there.

Nothing like wasting your time and money trying to regain your browser and computer.