Micro$coff XP: Attack of the Notepad Clones… and more

Still cruising around the XP system on my new notebook. Seems as if Microsoft really doesn’t care about security in XP. No way to preview the e-mails in Outlook Express message source without actually opening it. Bad idea! Before I could just right click the message title get the menu and go to Properties You could get the full headers this way and view the text of the message… again, with out opening the e-mail. Gone. Completely gone with XP‘s SP1 patch. Update: January 8, 2004. Tried it again and can now view the “Message Source” Microsoft got it’s roots from practically ripping off Apple Macintosh’s idea of GUI (clickable icons, etc.). Now it seems that Microsoft has dumbed up the system with XP. Maybe it’s to gain more buyers by trying to lure Apple’s customers. Do we really need another Apple?

I tried to remove, replace, rename Notepad so I could replace it with a better alternative. The damn Microsoft sucker kept cloning. I tried renaming a copy of the program I want to use as a replacement as “notepad” and dragged it in the folder where the original is at. It asked me did I want to replace with the newer one I said yes. Icon changed to my replacement but soon changed BACK to Microsoft’s Notepad icon and program. I deleted MS‘s Notepad. Another appeared in its place. I renamed Notepad and moved my renamed alternative to the folder. It told me there was already a file by that name. What’s a girl to do? This is getting annoying. I suppose this could be readjusted with a Registry hack.

Well, time to test out Mozilla further and may be try out Endora. Last I checked Mozilla’s mail client didn’t have the view source option, but it gives indepth headers. After all this so far with XP, Linux is looking mighty fine right now. Time to load up on the caffeine and put my researching more on Linux in hyper drive. That way I can have Linux and XP installed. (Good thing my desktop has Win98). When I really want to have some fun and actually use my brain cells, I can boot up Linux… and use XP when I want to slack and be a like a drooling vegetable. Then, one of Bill Gate’s lackeys can change my bedpan and spoon feed me. Update: August 21, 2004. I’ve been fully switched over to Mozilla for quite a while now and recently was able to install Gentoo Linux on my Toshiba Satellite 1415-S173 with a dual-boot to XP without even using Partition Magic, which is far too expensive for me. To partition the way I did it meant having to backup and completely reinstall Windows and using fdisk to change the one large Windows partition to a smaller one. Haven’t installed any programs on Linux yet.