Guess what my name is in Japanese?

A website called Rabbit In The Moon reminded me of this about the Mayan calendar: “…some believe that the completion of the 12th bak’tun will result in the destruction of our own time and the beginning of a new creation; in theory this could occur on or around December 23, 2012…”

That’s the day I turn 40! I tried the site’s Mayan date calculator but the .cgi script doesn’t work.

I came across this site while venturing off to other related sites from looking for a Chinese representation for my name since ChinaSprout was selling carved stone “name chops”, (they’re stamps or seals), but at a rather high price. I figured that a cheaper alternative would be learning to write the name and/or making my own little stamp/chop.

Another site was a bit lame to me with their Japanese name converter. #8220;How can you sleep at night without knowing how to say your name in Japanese?!” it asks. I typed in my first name. Ooo! Big deal! Now I know my Japanese name is “Sonia”. Who would have guessed that “Sonya” would be pronounced “Sonia” in Japanese. No wonder it is under urban75’s “totally useless” category. There are other activities here as well. Well worth a surf through.