Gone Retro

Yep. While looking for a way to set up my own custom HTTP error pages I came across a website that shows examples of other websites error 404 pages. A few were based on the old Infocom games. Further searching I came across latz.org’s Infocom page It has old interactive fiction games for download.

I remember having to type in a game like these into my old IBM PC Jr. before I could play it. Forgot what little game it was. Probably got the code from an issue of K-Power magazine. It was simple and crude. These text only/or very few bitmap graphics games are fun. Well, fun if you like to read and type alot. Besides it beats having to type the source code in first.

Now I find myself trying to create my own error pages styled after the z-Interpreter and games. I created a good one for error 404 “Not Found”. It can be viewed by typing an address for a page that doesn’t exist on my domain or a sample here.