Sigh. So far, somewhat good: A switch to MovableType

Well, my blog is switched over to Movable Type. I tried my best to keep things text wise the way they were. One downfall though, one of my entries about a George Orwell quote got messed up and I would have to go to the library to find out the quote and put it back in the entry that it was in.

As you can see, not much design wise for my blog as of yet. My “Comments” section is not working. “Trackback” may need some fixing as well. I still have a few glitches to work out. So much for wanting an interactive blog.

There is also a bug in Micro$coff IE6 that causes the pages to be cut in half and not scroll properly at times. If this happens to you try and reload the page by clicking refresh or pressing F5 on the keyboard.

Don’t be suprised if the design look of the blog changes often. I just altered one of the standard templates just to hurry up and get my blog back up and running.